Our Story

When Eva and Brandon exchanged vows, their dreams came true. Their dreams did not stall in matrimonial bliss but rather began to blossom. They wanted another wedding and many more. Thus began the journey to find the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful wedding venue.

After searching long and eagerly for what seemed impossible to find, a door opened. An ideal property became available with endless potential. They came, they looked and they saw the possibilities and a diamond in the rough. A decision and commitment needed to be made. They needed a “sign” and in the final moment, as they were placing the lock on the gate, the affirmation presented itself in the lock. The words on the lock read “Do It.” And so they did.

The next two years were filled with monumental tasks; renovations, innovations, deconstruction, reconstruction, decisions, revisions and no detail was overlooked. But at last, all was done and the dream of Evermore Event Center became a reality.